Thursday, May 15, 2014

Holiday Mode

I will not waste my time doing this!
HAHA catch up later if and if..


Monday, May 12, 2014


ONE in a life time, spot the self-differentiation whenever the situation as below:

- meeting old friend but curiously ask inner-self, is she or he used to be my friend? (even the stated name was the name that i found inside my box)

- always travel locally most of the times within recent years from KL to Labuan - Miri - Johor -Kelantan and especially travel during weekend - do i know u? even me standing beside of u waiting for luggage at airport or when i do visit your office when am not sure if is it really your office - yes i can see your face looking at me as well and we end up just like that.. do we really know each other? the face was showing same thing that i felt..seems to be..

why am i holding back - why i did not ask when u also did not ask?

demmit! i feel bad and am not sure if u feel the same.

KN-B1 Completion@DD3 (Jan 2014)

and today i am waiting for morning 8am chopper- going back home after 29 days while signing off KN-B3 Completion! -end-


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Shit Happen

Sometimes it is frustrating, but shit happen.. small mistakes that should not be happen at all, still..yes it happen.

One guy without having any certificate is better than other if he has a good attitude.
One guy with certificate proved having good education is worst than anybody else when he do shit on small2 things...

This entry is not to blame anybody because everybody know we should not expect life to be fair..
We should not expect life will be great all the times.. There is a a little weird condition when u  have a room to think that..S.H.I.T D.O H.A.P.P.E.N, really...

Counting days to go back home... T__T